Luxury quality stretch loops fit many sizes of boxes - keep less inventory ! Elastic Stretch-E Bows made from English Ribbon with 8" Gold Super Stretchy Superior Elastic Loop by Charles Clay. Note for Confectionery/Bakery Buyers:Super StretchE Loop fits boxes ranging from 1/4 lb to 2-1/2 lb sizes, so you don't need lots of different bows!

100 pcs per bag Satin, Polka Dot, Metallic, & Checks - hundreds to choose from! One size Stretch-E loop fits many sizes of boxes!
Prices range from $32.95 - $ 39.95 per pack. Email us to check in-stock availability:
***Custom Printing & Colours Available (5 bag minimum, 3 week delivery).***
Made in England. Ships from Connecticut, USA